Homeschool: 6th Grade Box Day


As homeschoolers, we celebrate "Box Day." This is the day when our box of books and supplies for the next school year arrives at our home. 

Loving books as we do, it's seriously better than Christmas!

I allowed my 6-year-old son to open the box, though it was mostly items for my 10-year-old daughter's next school year. 

Here she is with ALL of the loot - over 60 items. Opening up the box, the comments repeated over and over are "Ooooh, look at this one" and "This one looks like a good one" and "Can I read this one now?" 

I left the room for a few minutes after we opened the box, and when I returned, sure enough, my daughter's nose was in one of the books that look most intriguing. 

Who can wait to start school with this many wonderful resources at hand? We'll be starting up as soon as I can read through my introductory notes for the Instructor's Guide. 

Thank you, Sonlight, for being a wonderful curriculum provider that excites both teacher and student!


Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Box Day! [smile]


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